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We have used Paws to Play for over 10 years. They allow us to enjoy our time away from home knowing our 2 dogs and cat are well cared for. Cheryle and crew go above & beyond: besides feeding and exercise, my pets need extensive medicines that are administered precisely and on time. And they love our pets, as evidenced by the time they spend here and the great pictures they send after every visit. When we are gone over an extended period, they bring in the mail, take care of the garbage, and look out for our home. A+++ service. Thank you!

- Judith

AWESOME !!!!!! Cheryle and her Team are beyond Phenomenal !!!! I’ve been using them for years now and I can’t say enough about them and the Services they provide. If you want someone who’s Trustworthy, On Time, Super Professional, Goes Above and Beyond and that Your Animals Will Adore then go no further. I have tried other’s with GREAT Disappointment and thought everyone was like that until i met Cheryle and her Crew. Now I can be away from my dog’s with the Confidence that they are in great and Loving Hand’s !! Thank You Cheryle AKA-Sure-L !!!
- Mario

Cheryle and her team are the BEST!!! She is very meticulous about the service that she provides. She Is always very organized, punctual, and most importantly SO loving toward our fur babies. She gives them time, love, and I always come home to a clean and tidy house! My son loves the picture updates while we are away (he gets his daily selfie from the animals) When she is there I never worry about my home or babies in them. I highly recommend her if you need animal care.
❤️ Kelli

The team from Paws to Play, lead by the owner Cheryle Stadler was beyond perfect. I wanted service twice daily so the cats would have some human time, and not just be fed and tidied up after. Not only did the service come on time each day, but we also received text updates and photos of our girls. We have used Paws to Play, Inc. for several years after finding them on Angie’s List when we were very disappointed with our previous Pet Service. We couldn’t be happier. Their website is super easy to use, too. Thanks again, Cheryle and team! And thanks to Angie’s List.
- Kathryn

Cheryle has taken care of my dogs for the past few years and she is absolutely wonderful. I feel so comfortable leaving my dogs with her. Whenever my family and I come home from our trip our dogs are always so exhausted which tells me they were played with and the mail is always taken in, the garbage is either put out or put away, all the poop from outside is cleaned up, the house smells fresh and clean. I cannot say enough about her. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing dog sitter.

- Alana

I was a little apprehensive about having someone in the house watching my dog, but the minute we met Cheryle we knew this was a good choice! Paw to Play is amazing! They take our little guy out while we are at work and save us the headache of worrying about him being crated all day. He gets playtime and exercise with some fun-loving ladies! They leave us notes each day telling us about his day! I would recommend Paws to Play to anyone who needs a pet sitter. Just meet Cheryle once and you’ll know your fur-friends will be getting the best care!
- Ricky

They have been excellent from day one. Met Cheryle once with our dog and he took an immediate liking to her. She is very affectionate and knowledgeable about dogs. When we have been away on vacation, she texts us daily updates (sometimes with pictures) on how he is doing. She is easily accessible and always responds quickly, great for parents who worry. When we come back home, she always leaves us a report on how he did while we were gone along with treats for humans. She and her staff practically house sit, as we come home to the garbage already taken out and even developed pictures of our dog- a nice touch. Will be using her again in the near future!
- Fernando

I can’t say enough about the level of care for my aging dogs and cats. They were wonderful! They were prompt, paid attention to the animals and sent daily texts on status. If you have to leave your animals – I highly recommend using Paws to Play. They are truly professional and very caring. You can travel and rest assured that your pets are being well taken care of. I will gladly use them again and highly recommend their service.
- Bernadette

I have used their services for several years but just now writing a review. Exceptional care, commitment, organization and a dedication to making the experience great for my dogs and comfortable for me. I’ve utilized both their walking and housesitting services and both are excellent. Prices are very reasonable also; I would highly recommend Cheryle and her team to anyone who needs pet care and loves their pets!
- Charles

Cheryle’s passion, commitment, and love in those she cares for is evident in all she does. She goes above and beyond her role as dog walker; by sending pictures and funny texts to reassure us of our babies well-being and in keeping close communication when necessary. Cheryle understands and cares for our dogs as if they were her own family. We are so lucky that we have found her. Thank you a million times.
– Wendy & Rick

We were lucky enough to find Cheryle and Paws to Play right after adopting our 4-year-old golden. Cheryle is wonderful….she walks our dog every day (sometimes twice a day!); feeds, loves and plays with him; and is an excellent resource. Cheryle also stays at our home when we have to go away ….and takes care of our dog and two cats. She is an amazing person who loves animals and is professional, courteous and always good humored.
- Mary

Cheryle is amazing and we have never felt comfortable going out of town before, but meeting Cheryle made us feel comfortable knowing Jack would be in good hands. We had a great time away and Jack apparently did as well:). Highly recommend-VERY reliable and caring, she’s a true animal lover.
- Beth

The people at Paws to Play are professional and reliable, and you can tell that they really enjoy what they do. We place our trust, our home, and our pets to Paws to Play and THEY DID A GREAT JOB! Our dogs were fed, exercised, and given their medications just as we asked. Our house was clean….and cleaner than when we left it…with everything in good order. Our mail was taken from the mailbox and placed on the kitchen table and the garbage was taken out put in the trash bin. A very nice touch for us was getting photos of the dogs to let us know that everything was good at home and not to worry. We know are dogs will be happy in the care of Paws to Play.
- Pam

Our experience with Cheryle (and Paws to Play in general) has been beyond wonderful. From the moment we met each other at the initial consultation, it was clear I was speaking with a very knowledgeable professional in pet care. Furthermore, it was apparent that she truly has the animal’s best interests in mind. We all had our hands full getting our youngest dog (a golden retriever) to tolerate a leash and being walked. With Cheryle’s regular help, over a few weeks, our golden was walking calmly on a leash on a regular basis (I was amazed!). It offers tremendous peace of mind to know that, while I am at work, I can rely on Cheryle and her associates to take good care of our dogs, as well as be affectionate and kind to them. When we get home, their water bowl is always full, the dogs seem relaxed and happy, and there is always a note letting us know how the walk went that day. When Cheryle is introducing a new associate to our dogs, she never sends them alone, but instead always comes with them at first to make sure they are comfortable and competent. In terms of professionalism, Cheryle and her associates also shine. They have shown up for every appointment without fail, communicate with us regularly, and even go above and beyond in such ways as providing and helping us try out different harnesses, leashes, etc. until we found ones we liked for our dogs. They even do thoughtful things such as bring our trash can from the curb to a concealed area on trash days. Such attention to good service and kindness are what make us feel that Paws to Play is truly the best company that we have ever had to help care for our dogs. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation. Great company and Cheryle is a fantastic person.
– Albert

There are no words to describe how amazing Cheryle and the Paws to Play group are. I know it sounds strange to say that a dog walking business has changed your life; but it truly has. I could write a 10 page review on how wonderful the company is, but I will spare everyone and get to the point. 1) My dogs are my babies. Two years ago, the thought of leaving them for even a night would cause enough anxiety that I would cancel y trip. After seeing how much my dogs loved Ms. Cheryle (I swear for awhile they liked her more than me), I was confident they were in good hands. I was even able to leave the country for my honeymoon!! I admit that I may have emailed Cheryle excessively the first few days, but she was great about it and sent lots of pictures and updates. I’m currently a graduate student and my husband is a physician which unfortunately means most of our days are unpredictable schedule wise- things can change at any minute. I have texted Cheryle at the last minute, and she is always there to help me out as best she can. I honestly can’t think of a time when Cheryle or one of her team members hasn’t been able to come to the rescue. Being from out of town with no relatives close by, Cheryle has become our family. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her or Paws to Play. My husband and I can go to the Keys for the day, catch a Heat game last minute, or even just take our time at work and not rush home because we know our dogs are taken care of and happy. She even leaves a note after each visit letting us know how the kids were and if any funny business took place . She knows our dogs personalities as well as we do and treats them as if they were her own; that, to me, is invaluable. Cheryle is trustworthy, reliable, loving, fun, goes the extra mile, detail oriented/highly organized, responsible and great with animals. Her services are worth every penny, and that is a rarity in South Florida! We LOVE Ms. Cheryle!!!
- Kate

I have had an extremely positive experience with Cheryle and Paws to Play ever since I started working with them about a year ago. When it comes to pet services, a lot of people look at it as the simplest of tasks – including me a few years ago. Only when you deal with a true professional pet sitter however, you come to realize the kind of value a qualified company can offer. I have used other companies in the past which were absolutely not worth the price. In switching to Paws to Play, I already noticed a difference in my first interaction with Cheryle – everything about my dogs (two beagles) routine was an important detail and Cheryle made sure she would capture it all. From diet to play time, to special diet needs, etc, she made sure to ask all possible questions so she would have a clear picture of what I was looking for. When I get home from work or when I am out of town, I have the peace of mind that my dogs are getting the same treatment they would be getting if I was home. I just recently came back from a long weekend getaway trip and once I got home, dogs were fine as if I had never left – low energy, happy to see me, but no anxiety attacks, etc. She also did a very good job around my dogs’ diets – one of them has inflammatory bowel disease and his diet needs to be managed very carefully. Her fees are very competitive and sure, there might be a few pet sitters out there who will give you a better rate – based on my experience however, you get what you pay for. In my opinion, the extra $ is totally worth it. Another good thing is she always keep her clients aware of food recalls and news which could be of interest to pet owners. For people with busy schedules, this is very helpful. Bottom line, I would encourage anyone in search of a trusted pet sitting company to consider Paws to Play for their needs. I will definitely use them again in the future.
- Yurie

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