Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for Frequently asked questions. 

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Where do I begin?

After perusing our website, we encourage potential clients to check out the reviews from our valued clients. We want you to feel comfortable knowing the level of service and commitment of Paws to Play. Submit your Contact information HERE or call us at (954)-214-1305 M-F from 9:00am-4:00pm EST to make an appointment for your “no obligation” meet and greet.

Why should I hire Paws to Play Inc?

Paws to Play Inc (PTP) is a professional pet sitting and dog walking company. Cheryle Stadler, owner and operator, has been a professional pet care provider since 2008. Paws to Play Inc has caring, responsible and well-trained employees. PTP never uses ICs (Independent Contractors).

Each employee is personally trained in the unique policies of PTP by Cheryle. There is also additional in-depth training including animal behaviorism through Fetch Find ™.  Cheryle is also  a Certified Professional  Pet Sitter in good standing with Pet Sitter’s International, a national/international, professional pet sitting organization.

The employees are professionally background checked before any consideration of employment is offered and each employee is additionally Certified through Pet Tech ™ for their Pet CPR and first aid training. PTP is properly bonded and insured.

Will I have the same sitter for all of my scheduled visits? Can I request a specific sitter in the future?

Initially, we do our best to bring the “primary” pet sitter along with Cheryle to your first Meet and Greet. We strive to have at least two employees trained at each job to help ensure seamless job sharing. PTP works collaboratively as a team. That means that all of the employees have been trained in the same way; each and every staff member is held to the same high standards. Depending on the scheduling of your visits, we will do our best to schedule the same one or two sitters to care for your pets.

Yes, you may request a specific sitter for your booking, and we will do our best to fulfill those requests whenever possible.

How much notice do you need?

If you are a new (prospective client), we prefer at least three (3) days’ notice to get your information in the system, schedule a Meet and Greet and review the job.

If you are an established client, we try our best to accommodate any requests, even last-minute ones, to the best of our ability.

Again, we will always try our best to accommodate your needs as soon as we possibly can

Are you open everyday, even on holidays? What are your hours?

YES! We work 24/7/365 including holidays, weekends and school vacation breaks. If you have visits scheduled or if you are an established client, you can reach us through our system via text and someone will respond ASAP.

Our office hours are M-F 9:00 am-4:00 pm where new, prospective clients can reach us.

Is hiring a pet sitter better than kenneling our pets?
The Simple answer is…YES. Your pet(s) will always be more comfortable in their familiar surroundings as opposed to crates or pens at a kenneling facility. These facilities have strange smells and are typically a cold environment. They can be extremely noisy with dogs barking and crying throughout the day and night which can be very stressful for your pet(s).

There is also limited one on one time with your pet(s) or if available, it is usually an upcharge. In addition to your pets feeling comfortable in their own home we try to keep their typical schedule of feedings, walks and playtime on track as best as possible with your booking. Pet sitters have the luxury of giving your pet(s) that one on one focused time and can cater to every special need and request you have. This time together allows us to bond with your pet(s), observe their behaviors and keep an eye out for any issues that may require extra attention or even the need to visit the vet’s office.

Our presence in your home keeps up the “lived in look” with us alternating lights on at different times, locations and days, we bring in your mail/packages and can keep an eye and ear open for anything else house related that may occur while you are away.

How is payment for your services handled?
New clients will make full payment after a completed Meet & Greet and once job is booked and invoiced. Established clients will have credit cards on file in our system and they will be required to pay in full 5 days before their booking starts.

Any bookings including any holiday or school break will be charged at time of booking.

Do you charge per pet? What are your extra charges?

PTP understands that pet owners are busy between work, kids and life in general.  Since one of PTP’s goals is to make life less stressful, we don’t charge extra fees and holiday surcharges etc. That is why we charge a flat fee per visit; regardless of the number of pets (up to 3).

Each visit is approximately 30 minutes depending on the tasks we need to perform. That is the same rate for holiday bookings. Although we pay our employees holiday pay, we do not pass that cost on to our customers. If you are loyal to us all year long, we are happy to provide pet care services during the holidays for the same rate. This flat fee includes up to 3 pets. When there are 3 or more we will decide if the workload was atypical, incurring a small fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Daily dog-walking clients may cancel 24 hours in advance with no cancellation fee. Less than 24 hour notice will incur a flat cancellation fee.

All other bookings will be subject to cancellation fees if cancelled within 7 days of start day. Holiday and school break bookings may be subject to daily cancellation fees for the entire booking. No credit or cash refunds will be returned. Instead, we will issue the credit on account to be used in the future.

What is the system you keep mentioning?

We use an app-driven program, Time to Pet, which is specifically designed for the pet care industry.

You can request service, pay invoices, text your pet sitter and update your profile in real-time to ensure that the info we have is up to date. You will see a GPS map of each visit along with check-in and checkout times as well as pictures of your lovable pet(s).

Happy to serve you and your pets!

Whether you are going on vacation, need daily assistance with pet needs or the occasional helping hand…contact us!