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About Paws to Play Inc.

Cheryle has been an animal lover from a very young age. She grew up in NY with her family’s German Shepherd Sasha, rabbits Macintosh and Mushroom and several cats including Cassius, Aggie, Bingo and Nicky. She started her first dog walking business with her sister in Brentwood, NY at the age of 9 walking some of the neighbors’ dogs. Living on a corner house near a big field also allowed her family to take in many stray cats over the years. From NY to NC to FL, there were many pets including a Boa Constrictor named Samantha, parakeets Violet and Chaz, fish, hermit crabs, hamsters, more cats namely Miko and Pooter, and golden retrievers Chester and Sunny.

Cheryle has lived in the Davie-Cooper City area since 1979. Cheryle and her husband have lived in Cooper City for 28 years and she is currently a pet mom to 15-year-old Leo, a Maltese-Dachshund mix and 9-year-old Maverick, a rescued, Golden Retriever-Rhodesian mix who are both important members of her family. Her human children have also been in the medical and service fields. Her daughter is about to become a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinarian Medicine. Her son graduated from Paramedic and Fire School in Broward County.

Cheryle has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. After meeting her husband, who owns his own business, she realized there was a deficit for small businesses when it came to their bookkeeping and tax prep needs. With her accounting background she opened and managed an accounting and bookkeeping company for 11 years acting as a liaison between small business owners and their CPAs. Seeing a need to be filled, she set forth with her skillset to assist others.

The same goes for the pet care industry. Knowing how she personally felt leaving her own pets behind to travel or spend long periods of time away from home she saw a need. She got started in the pet care field professionally when another pet care provider had unexpectedly left the area leaving the clients in a bind. Cheryle tries to stand out from others by taking the time and effort to go above and beyond to serve her client’s needs. She will tell you that yes, you can probably find many people to walk your dog, scoop your litter etc. But Paws to Play’s main objective is not to sell these services. Instead, it is to provide you with “peace of mind” to go away without worry or concern knowing that your pets and home are in the best care possible. Paws to Play Inc promises to always exceed your expectations.

Happy to serve you and your pets!

Whether you are going on vacation, need daily assistance with pet needs or the occasional helping hand…contact us!