Paws To Play, Inc.’s first priority is the well-being of your pet. Please visit our Testimonial page to read what they’re saying about us.

Typically, the way it works is that after our initial phone call, we will schedule a no obligation, no charge meet and greet. This will give you an opportunity to ask any and all questions about what we can do to best serve you and your pet(s). We will gather all pertinent information regarding the customized care of your pet(s) at this time, including but not limited to: their daily schedule, habits, feeding, and medications. We will also review with you all necessary paperwork and offer our client references.

In general, we offer daily dog walks that enable your pet(s) to get plenty of exercise which helps them from getting bored and perhaps destructive. In addition to the exercise, daily dog walks are the perfect remedy for pet owners that work long hours and/or for people with busy schedules. We alleviate the worry that your loved one isn’t getting enough attention. We are pleased to provide the additional love and enjoyment to keep your pet(s) happy on those hectic days.

We also have some “Speciality Walks” to cater to those with special needs. Our Senior Stroll is a shorter walk for pets that no longer need long stretches of exercise or have difficulty walking. A Happy Walk is a yard walk to allow the dog to quickly relieve itself. This is perfect if you need to run errands after work and want to offer your dog a break. Or perhaps you are just having too much fun where you are and don’t want to break away… Call us and we can fill in for you!

What about when you want to go away for that well-deserved vacation? You don’t need to feel guilty about not being able to take your pet(s) with you or have them deal with the stress of a scary, unfamiliar kennel. Stop worrying! We are here for you. We will come by multiple times a day for fun and affection, walks and feedings and even a little nighttime TV watching on the sofa — like they often do with you.

In addition to making sure that your pet(s) are well cared for, relaxed and happy in their own home, we will be happy to offer house sitting duties such as mail/newspaper retrieval, garbage/recycling, house plant care and light control at no extra charge.

If you are spending an extended time away from home, but wish for more than just multiple daily visits perhaps because you have an older dog or a puppy or maybe your pet doesn’t like to sleep alone, we also offer overnight pet sitting. Ask us about it!

Ever wish that you didn’t have to take time away from work to take your pet(s) to the groomers or vet’s office? We now offer Pet Taxi services!

Enjoy our simple pricing structure. We never charge for additional pets! You choose the type of visit that best suits their needs and we will happily care for more than one pet while we are there. We never charge extra for nighttime, weekend or holiday walks! It is part of our service to make life easier on you and your family. So, feel free to take your family on that long weekend trip or even that extended vacation you have talked about. Now you know you can say “Yes!” to a spontaneous offer of dinner after work. That’s why we are here. Call us at 954-214-1305 and we will be there for you.

Please visit our Testimonial page and our Gallery pages to get to know our current clients.

Paws To Play, Inc. is owned and operated by Cheryle Stadler. Thank you for considering us to help you love your pets!